Pendant luminaire


MAERU lights are living room lights, which are handmade with much devotion and care. 

MAERU pursues a holistic approach in production. MAERU believes in sustainability and is geared towards ecological, healthy and fair dealings with people and the environment. 

MAERU acts fairly, conserves resources and is environmentally friendly. Keeps transport distances short. Uses natural electricity. Acts for the benefit of animals and humans.

Wants a better future.


The translucent birch wood produces warm and intense light and stages the raw material wood in such an expressive way that it flatters well-being and everyday life disappears in the dark.


MADE IN BERLIN. made for U by MAERU. 


MAERU. Luminaires for a good feeling. Warmth and well-being for you.

For your home.

Pendant lamp

€ 580,00
Tripod Floorlamp

€ 1590,00
Pendant lamp

€ 240,00
Pendant lamp

€ 380,00
Pendant Lamp

€ 220,00
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Who is MAERU?

Originally MAERU was a MAUERLEUCHTE. As a MAUERLEUCHTE she did not feel very comfortable in her small village and went to Berlin. She thought to herself, "Nach Berlin, da gehör' ik hin." She orientated herself in the capital and grew beyond herself. Transformed, developed. She burst out of herself, broke through her MAUER (Wall) and detached the U from her center and lined it up at the back, because that sounds fine. That sounds warm. So she said: "I say now: MAERU is the name that belongs to me".

I am Sabrina Behrens and I love cosy light. For me, good lighting is like coffee in the morning - very essential.  

For me, sustainability is not a fad - it is much more a feeling of the right trade and the belief to create a positive change. I have been deeply involved with ecological aspects for over 10 years. It is no longer possible for me not to act sustainably. It is a part of me that has integrated itself into my everyday life through a conscious lifestyle. 


My many years of experience with the material wood in connection with the rapid manufacturing process or working with the laser cutter complete my work. 

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U: What's this look like? 

- MAERU: I turn on some nice light!

I make the lights on request.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your message.


Sabrina Behrens


+49(0)30 27 699 394

+49 (0)176 21 68 51 97

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*Schnafte is old berlin and means marvelous.


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